Thursday, 2 May 2013

Raspberry Pi 'supercomputer'

I was reading an intriguing article talking about creating a parallel 'supercomputer' at the University of Southampton using 64 Raspberry Pi computers housed in a rack made of Lego ( link to website ).

Now I had to replicate this feat in some fashion myself.

My plan is to build a 4 R,Pi supercomputer ( 3 nodes and a RaspberryPrime, this is the 4th node in the stack and will be the coordinator of the 4 worker nodes ) Something like what keith has built

I've placed an order for a NETGEAR GS108 Gigabit Ethernet Switch plus network cales, all I can do is wait. While waiting, I will read the University of Southampton's "Raspberry Pi Supercomputer "How To".
and the following links found on that site to other documents and blogs, as well as sources for the required software.

The main software image for the operating system is called Rasbpian and is a version of Debian Linux specially created for the Raspberry Pi. In addition, for parallel computing various compiler packages would have to be downloaded and installed.

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